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KNIFE, HUNTING, SOG TigerShark Elite w/ Nylon Sheath, NSN 7340-01-505-4587

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2.00 LBS
Discontinued by Manufacturer

Product Description

In the presence of the revised Tigershark series, one’s pulse quickens. It is instantly recognized for its signature handguard and defensive rear point, which are removable for a more streamlined look. But it is also familiar as the largest member of the SEAL series with precise grind lines, rasped back, touch point checkering, and superior ergonomics. The Tigershark is capable of chopping and slicing with an economy of scale and ferocity not available to smaller knives. Still, it’s impeccable balance and style create fluidity in the hand that is unexpected and thrilling.

NOTE: Handguard and rear point are packaged separately, and are also removeable at any time.

Blade Length 9" x .24"
Overall Length 15.25"
Weight 16.3 oz.
Edge Partially Serrated
Steel AUS 8
HRC 57-58
Handle GRN
Finish Hardcase Black TiNi

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Product Reviews

  1. The Best Damn Knife Ever!! Better Than First Blood Knives hands Down! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2011

    I bought a SOG SEAL Teams s37-K knife about a week ago, and I was so smitten with it that I looked for one with a blade about the same size as the First Blood knife blade, which is roughly 9 inches on that movie, and 10 inches on the sexond Rambo movie. Well, I found it shore nuff! And guess what? the brand that made the SEAL Teams knife, which were my guys for some time, makes the one that I had long been searching for. I was about to shell out $700 or so dollars to Blackstarr Knives and have them make me a high quality First Blooed copy knife, when I found the SOG Tigershark and Tigershark Elite. My SEAL knife is the regular one, which is Grey Powder Coated. Still though, it is one badass and deadly weapon, especially in the hands of one that really knows how to use a knife has depended on a knife his whole life such as I do. I have used a knife to hunt, fight, and survive with; to make a fire, to stab fish with for food, and as a spear head to kill regular game for food. I have never really owned or used a gun in my life. That is why when I need to buy a knife, it has to be the best. I had an awesome knife but it came up missing after my brother visited. To this day I think it is at the drug dealer's house. Anyway, just before I bought the one from Blackstarr, I found the SOG Tigershark and from there, the Elite version. It has been through the same tests as my awesome SEAL knife has simply because it is the biggest and the baddest DOG knife in the SEAL Team family of knives. Just like my SOG S37-K knife, my new Tigershark Elite knife is razor sharp to such sharpness that it can be used to perfor actual emergency surgery. It is so sharp that it slices through writing paper and typing paper with ease, better than scissors. But the real sharpness test is the tomato test. Word has it that if a knife slices through a tomato with minimum pressure, and slices smooth and even, then the knife is real badass sharp. If the tomato insides are squashed out and mashed out, then the knife is pitifully dull. All of my knives slices through tomatoes with ease, especially my two new SOG knives. The Tigershark knife is also the most durable knife I have ever seen as well. I just took it outside and used it to chop a small tree in half. With just one swipe and minimum pressure, it wasted no time slicing the small tree in half. Afterwards, I checked the blade over and over with a fine-tooth comb, and the tree didn't even stress, crack, bend, or anything negative to the blade of my Tigershark Elite. Even after the tree slice, I tok it to a piece of paper, and it still sliced that paper like nothing. It was almost like the Tigershark Elite knife was Hungry for heavy cutting action, and feeding it just made it bigger and badder than ever! Also, some people leave negative reviews about the sheath snap saying that without the guard attached, the sheath snap does not hold the blade in securely. That is true, but this is the geniusness of the SOG company because with the guard off, who in their right mind wants to be in ana ccident or even stuck in a wrecked car or something, and cannot get to their knife to cut their seatbelt or whatever loose so they can get ouyt, because the sheath snap is blocked or jammed and will not let you und it and get the knife? Who wants to deal with the sheath snap during emergencies requiring pulling the knife out asd fast and quickly as you can? I sure don't. I want to be able to grab that knife and get it out of the sheath and be ready for the immediate danger or survival or combat action when needs be. Now, the sheath snap holding the knife in when the guard is on is another genius idea. Let's say that you're out working in the woods and around heavy or even light brush. You have the guard on your knife to protect your hands from the woods and briars when chopping, or whatever. You don't want some branch or limb or something, brushing by you and getting inside the guard and yanking the knife out of the sheath do you? Causing you to lose the knife and not even know it do you? Of course you don't, and that won't ever happen if the sheath snap is snapped and tight and between the guard and handle of the knife. This is another well-thought out genius idea by SOG. And don't worry about the knife not staying in the sheath without the snap; the knife's size and the sturdy design of the sheath assures you the knife will stay put inside it. Only experienced fixed blade knife carriers and owners and makers would know this and understand the SOG;s idea on this. Others will, of course, view it as a flaw. But it is not a flawl it is a genius design at its finest.
    Another good thing I love about this knife is the skull crushing end cap when the hand guard is attached. I love this idea because I have been robbed and beaten and left to bleed to death before by 7 to 9 men who just wanted my money. I suffered a severe broken jaw in 3 places and had to have my jaw wired shut for 12 months at once, then about 4 months after 3nd surgery. I also suffered very deep gashes in my head and face from them using a pipe or brick or something. The police did absolutely Nothing. They didn't even ask me questions about who did it or where was I at. They didn't even investigate. I made a conscious decision after that thatI would always make sure I had something with me at all times and that I knew damn well how to use it. I chose this knife for its solid blade length, but also because of the skull crushing end cap. I cannot wait for someone or some people to try and shove on me and rob me or whatever again. I will not think twice about pulling my knife, no matter which one of my 20 sheath knives I have, and slicing me up some flesh and putting some gouges in some heads myself! I Long for the day when some people try to do a repeat of the horrific robebry and near-death ordeal that I suffered (On top of my broken jaw and emergency surgeruy on it, I also got total of 48 stitches and staples on my head and face, some inside and some outside And people would just walk past me laying on the city highway, not offering one time to help me. Had it not for a Preacher and his wife passing by in their car and stopping and helping, I would definitely be dead today. Doctors said I had already began to hemmorhage. Anyway, enough of that. The SOG Tigershark Elite is one awesome knife, and it is a must-have for any survivalist, combat person, collector, timber cutter, or just someone like me who has been all of these and also has been beaten nearly to death by robbers! Thanks For Reading!